Power Redefined

Why should reliable power cost more? Power outages negatively impact business productivity and quality of life. Effective energy storage systems can reduce costs and improve stability. Lithium ion batteries are redefining power supply across the globe*.

Energy Storage Systems

Scaling from residential backup to utility-scale grid connected systems and from mopeds to mining vehicles, efficient, reliable power is needed globally. Energy Storage Systems designed to meet the specific application requirements deliver not only the required efficiency and reliability, but also lower the cost of ownership, risk and maintenance.

A New World

Bringing electricity to those who have none, improving current urban electricity supply, moving people around a city and delivering many other energy based services, all while reducing carbon emissions. It seems unlikely, but all it takes is planning, initiative and motivation. A new world is within reach and is seeking champions to lead the way.

Inspired Innovation

We design products to be ecofriendly, socially responsible, energy efficient, functionally and aesthetically appealing. Product design focusing not only on being sustainable but empowering to users, resellers, partners and communities.